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In case one day you buy second hand vessel or you are the new comer in shipping business in Indonesia and need to change flag your vessel to Indonesian flag, follow the step :

1. Established new company "Indonesian Shipping Company", a Limited Liability Company Incorporate pursuant to the laws of Indonesia, made by Notary Public in Indonesia.

2. Buy and Sell transaction between Buyer and Seller, provided : Commercial Invoice, Bill of Sale, Deletion Certificate, Protocol of Delivery and Acceptance and other relation documents.

3. Survey and inspect by Directorate General Sea Communication to issue Tonage Measurement certificate and other relation certificate pursuant to the Indonesian regulation. The result, will be issued Owner Certificate and Registry (Gross Akte).

4. Pursuant to the Indonesian Regulation No. KM 33/2001, to obtain License Certificate (SIUPAL) issued by Directorate General Sea Communication, the Shipping Company should be owned one vessel Indonesian flag by Gross Tonage 175 Ton.

Author :

Mohammad Thahir
Email : emthahir@gmail.com

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